Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Expect Many More Russian PR Agencies in the Global Rankings

In the latest Global Rankings there are five Russian PR agencies, up one from the previous year. Three agencies are in the top 100. However, 10 more agencies could have been on the list. 

RIA Rating recently ranked Russian PR agencies by net fees collected in 2012. Methodology used was similar to the Global Rankings' one. In both cases PR fees were reported net and exclusive of VAT. The Russian project was actually inspired by good performance of the country's PR agencies in the Global Rankings 2012. Three of the four listed agencies appeared in the top 100 of the list that year.

Using the 2012 year-end exchange rate (1 USD = 30.3727 RUB), it's easy to conclude that up to ten more PR agencies from Russia could have made it to the Global Rankings 2013. If they had only wished to apply with all the extra hassle involved (language issues, methodology, etc.). On this infographic look for the first 15 companies, including the five agencies in the Global Rankings.

At a roundtable discussion devoted to the Russian rankings it was noted that the resulting 22 agency list lacked 'body' more on the torso side, not the long tail. The questionnaires had been originally sent to some 130 publicly active companies. One can, therefore, expect dozens of Russian agencies appearing in both rankings in the coming years.

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  1. Well, already five more, 27 agencies in all, in the integral Russian PR rating: http://valerylev.blogspot.ru/2013/07/russias-national-rating-of.html